This world has changed; even if you don’t see it.  Because approaching 8 BILLION PEOPLE soon; means nature is defeated.  How will you survive without food or water or everything else we need.  Every creature, and every plant we depend upon NEEDS all these things too.  It is not a game.  When your shelves are bare, and the world is empty from your gluttony and destruction: there IS NO MORE to just go get!  There is no more, is a reality we will all face/ because that, is what the leaders chose, and the people demanded: because everybody WANTS MORE.  Rather than life, you want garbage/ because everything you buy, is quickly reduced to that very thing.  It is what you chose/ an entire earth, “thrown away” for your trophies.  And you don’t even keep them/ because they threaten to bury you; in your excess and insanity.


          In conclusion to these sites: those who can, do play games with me too, in little ways so far.  Should I one day disappear/ or am simply dead: it is not an accident, or suicide!  Alas somehow, the trillions of dollars, and all the pride,  power, counterfeiting, etc;  now in jeopardy:   mean more to them “leaders/ university/ medicine/ agriculture/ military/ media/ etc”,  than me.  Imagine that.

          Nonetheless:  Remember this, it is your world that is threatened, and important/ not me, I am simply the writer.  Just as nature does when genetic abnormality arises, or creatures find themselves surrounded by predators:  one life can be sacrificed so the rest don’t die.  I am not your savior; “its just a money, power, pride thing”.  My death won’t make the difference, whether this world lives or dies/ YOU WILL.  Either you will work for life, or YOU don’t.  It is that simple.  Therefore  communicate/ investigate/ prove what is true/ and don’t let the world die, just because of the completely insane, “a university diploma” makes.

           Nope, you are not gods; the evidence proves it!

          Each one must,  Save your world:  must find some courage.  Its your duty.  Just as that has been mine; not savior/ but definitely involved in the fight for life; as all soldiers are.  A duty, not a job or a desire; because LIFE needs you.


          If not, well in terms of polluting the water, destroying every resource, mutilating life, stealing to ignite wars, and even trying to establish on this world a ten million degree fire, just like the sun.  You have been told: “the insane” are leading this world/ and they all do have a “university degree”.  Every single one/ or more simply: too many diplomas,  live in their fantasies, rather than life and reality.  They can’t think/ they don’t know how: they memorized what they were told. Can’t believe it?

           I guarantee you can die from their experiments, which toy with life, by trying to play god/ soon;  too late them, for you too.  The point of no return means we cannot repair this, that time is over!

           Go investigate/ FIND the truth, rather than simply believe until its too damn late.  How is that “wrong”?  Realities such as these experiments and other decisions:  are in fact so heinous, and potentially horrifying; from decisions, that are absolutely “man-made”.

           The only real description left is, “satan on earth”.  Which does literally mean: destroyer of this Creation itself/ or, all things bad coming.  Not a religious term here, just a definition that fits!  How is that not true?


          We end, simply by saying;  Just, “for fun”/ never fear, the robots are coming. They are building & they ARE intended to be:   “terminator” robots.  Just like the movies!  More just plain KILLERS:   come to our  lives/ won’t that be great.  Hell, “hitler is dead, but computers are “going to rule the world; isn’t that so”?  Surely nobody, in their right mind would replace, or want to be “hitler”, or a thousand others in the history books, or behind every hidden door, in a university, or  just plain evil, like him.   WHY:  What could possibly go wrong, with a thousand or a million machines under the control of a very tiny few?  Huh, a thousand excuses/ but only one reality: killers?

           Good thing, the powerful own all media, and its propaganda;  and lets not forget,, they know every lie.  Don’t worry they wouldn’t manipulate or control you!  Ain’t that so/ hell you can use media too: just mimic what they say/ you don’t need no damn mind of your own.  Fall down and worship, “its what believers do”.  Mimic, to keep you deaf and dumb. After all,“a cult (I believe) mind, is a happy person”.  Ain’t that so!

          Beware of the righteous/ because they always want to make rules for YOU to live by/ make excuses, to invade your world, and take away your freedom: because that, is what they want.  “Its so much easier than war”/ but it is still war.  An example of that is “sheria law”; or hell no, “You can’t have freedom/ we won’t allow it”.

          The end result being:   either freedom is real/ or there are an endless amount of people who want to be your rulers: by making rules.  It is one or the other/ make up your mind.  

          Laws control us all as a society, this is what we all agree too!  Rules control the individual, by using small groups, and the threat of punishment; regardless of the right to decide for yourself.  Some rules have value, but every rule MUST be decided just like a law: BY US ALL, with our vote/ along with its punishment.  Not just a few.  Every trial must have a witness: so we can judge;   the judge, lawyers, and the court.  Every jury MUST consider the punishment: because that, is where the truth of justice and fair play combine into our reality.  A jury is NOT there, to consider the law.  A jury is there to assemble and protect society, by INSURING JUSTICE FOR ALL.  Through law, and its rightful    Position, as a mediator/ rather than a judge; between society and ourselves.  Where freedom lives in honesty, complete with honor: we live in peace and harmony.  It is that simple.


          My life, has been overrun by “female spirituality”/ its NOT what you think; as always.  Rather, having searched for a decade to find some method, whereby men could “save this world”; I found none, because this is, “the best we did do” as men dominating this world.  Its just a fact/ nothing more.  Consequently, after trying to get women to talk about what they could do/ I gave up: to search the spiritual world of woman.  Just because you cannot/ doesn’t mean I cannot! That too, is NOT what you think/ and it has nothing to do with men or the rest of it, “that plugs your mind” from thinking.  All spirituality is built from truth/ to become true inside yourselves, can open doors!

          The simple reality is: having opened that door, a battle ensued, and I lost after years of “simplified war”.  Simplified means: instead of destruction, every aspect, EVERYTHING for and against the demand “my choice”; was required to have proof, that could withstand the examination of truth, without want. To assign justice, and reality;  by fair play rather than gender. I have “trophies”, and a continuing education/ to prove I lost; I didn’t choose them.  I can survive them; but not, as the man I use to be; its complicated/ not all bad. Even so, I get to change too/ not, what I expected. More so, than you can imagine. I just had a question for “woman”, for the sake of this entire world!  I truly didn’t recognize/ to understand the answer, I would have to learn how to listen, from the reality of woman instead of just thought. “Its required/ NOT a choice; no escape”: I am NOT allowed to “speak for women”/ without experiencing some aspect of their lives. Harder than you think/ and I am aware you will never understand! An endless ridicule coming/ doesn’t matter.  I honestly thought at the time, “its just one question: how would women change this world so it could survive”?  The answer however, is anything but simple; no, “accept it for us all; say thank you, and be done”.  No forgetting: women demand to be recognized seriously, as an answer.  I should have known this could not be simple/ but again, just wasn’t thinking. Desperation leads, life follows: realities change.  Just how it is.

           Even so, this is a good thing for life itself, because I had given up on survival for this world, no hope/ you have too many problems.  Men will only do what men do: As history does prove.  Today, at least with the intent of different answers (women are FAR MORE DIFFERENT, than anything I could have imagined): it’s a fact of life.  Nonetheless, because of that,  I now do have some very limited hope.  Absolutely necessary, for happiness to exist. The lack of hope, is where “violent terrorism as is seen in this day arises”.  Not me, but nonetheless: I did utterly refuse to let this world die, without a fight.  I am more surprised than you: it is a war, turned to female for balance, & guidance.  ITS BETTER, than death, mutilation, destruction, and mayhem; as is the choice of men.  Simple and plain.

           Life for this world, is far more important than me/ or you either. Within that expression is: gender proves to be irrelevant, only truth matters for life & we NEED do, each other to survive.  We are that threatened/ this is no game.  Like it, or not; truth doesn’t care!  It is what it is.

           The value of balancing man with woman, has proven to be: EXACTLY what this work required.  Nothing less, could have brought me here.  You would have thought, “a smart guy” could have conceived of that on his own: not me, couldn’t do it. Tried for ten years to find a solution, and gave up. I didn’t/ or Couldn’t find that solution!  So as a man, when I gave up on men, or me finding a solution, the rest  would accept/ there was nothing left but war.  As is proven true throughout all of history: that is what men do.  Female does NOT agree, and together believe it or not: this work exists as the combination of both man and woman/ but with woman in charge of the final steps to inform you: this life you live, is NO LONGER FREE.  You must choose life first, from this point forward; as an entire humanity/ or you are going to die.  Because without nature, and planet sustained;  you have nothing.  Nature is being crucified, right under your nose.  And so far, “you just don’t care”.  Soon it will be just too late, to change for life!  There are no second chances to a wide variety of threats, each of which can end your lives, or throw you into HELL.  Not a game, a reality of the evidence you created by choice!


          YOU DO,   HAVE YOUR CHANCE TO CHANGE, and rebuild this world, with the choices you make FOR LIFE FIRST.

          YOUR own decision, decides the fate of life, on our world!

Its your lucky day, isn’t it: you don’t have to worry about NOTHING!  Cause after all, “the university is a god, and every leader does nothing but make certain you, are going to be ok”. And every resource is going to last, until your dead: too bad for the kids, but hey, who cares! Isn’t that right?  Luck is all you need to survive, ain’t that right!  Go ahead, shake your ass: that will keep you from thirsting to death, or dying in a ten million degree fire.  Steel melts at 3,000 degrees: but you don’t care.  Cause, YOU’RE LUCKY.

          Go ahead and ask your “university gods”: WHAT happens if this sun fire, does not extinguish itself?  Ask them, to prove what gravity is:  since they bet our entire planet, and every living thing on the outcome of that answer. Ask them, why is that “too hard”?  The answer is: you, are a cultist of “university knows”/ and you cannot stand being wrong.  After all, “its just FIRE”!    “YOU, don’t need no damn insurance; the university knows EVERYTHING”.  Ain’t that so?  No second chances, not for anyone; forever.  That is simple and plain, and no excuses or misinterpretation exists.  You know what fire means.


                                      Play time, is over.



          Just so its plain: I can be wrong/ I am NOT but I can be wrong about any number of threats: erring on the side of caution and life and safety for all.  But: Your universities and leaders CANNOT be wrong about a single threat/ because if they are, we all die.  Particularly the fire/ but make no mistake, “nature in chaos” is just as bad/ resource loss is war without end/ lies, cheating, and stealing destroys nations with war: etc/ etc/ etc.


          Just so its simple: throughout my years of living, “every single time” I did not choose to help people who needed my help/ to understand the situation they were in, the choices they were going to make.  It would prove to be,  a disaster for them, or a failure for me (I should have): want must never intervene.  Critical honesty is necessary to understanding, and that includes a brief review of “how I came to these conclusions” too.  When people are interested, or I understand:  you just can’t be wrong/ EXPAND YOUR MIND.  Particularly, when it affects more than you.  In balance of that, rarely and with no real desire for it:  I have intervened “early”, choosing the simple and direct path for change. Your decision is still: Not my choice/ but creating “a signpost (this is a choice)” was. How any individual reacts to that is their own decision.  It is unclear, how necessary that was; because the choices changed their decision.   These were for little things.

          Nothing about this work, for you, and this world;  is little. We need change, and I am not “picky” how it comes.  WHEN that change is for life on this planet.

          Never your enemy; so long as there is no hate. Never your savior either: we are, “all in this together” like it or not/ equals throughout this world.


                                       James Frank Osterbur